The Vermont Museum & Gallery Alliance is a service organization which encourages professional practices, fosters cooperation, and promotes appreciation of the programs and resources of Vermont’s museums, galleries, and historic places. The Alliance provides technical assistance and information for professional growth through our Exchanges, workshops, and publications. We also carry out special projects designed to reach different elements of our constituency. The Vermont Collections Care Program is based on the need to improve the long-term management and care of our members’ collections.

The Alliance is an 15-year old consortium of virtually all Vermont museums, galleries, and historical societies which are open to the public on a regular basis, produce exhibits, hold collections, or provide educational programs. Our workshops, publications, mentoring programs, and advocacy are on behalf of Vermont’s cultural institutions both large and small, both professional and volunteer. We provide a forum for staff from the larger institutions to share their expertise and experience with museums and galleries which could otherwise not afford outside help or who are not sufficiently organized to take advantage of grants programs, exhibit assistance, or conservation services.

Approved by the Board of Directors
Annual Meeting, December, 1995


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