Disasters and emergencies adversely affect Vermont’s cultural institutions every day. VMGA is taking an active role in helping cultural institutions become better prepared for emergencies that impact their collections. Check out some of the resources and links below for more information.

Vermont Emergency Response Team for Cultural Institutions
Pocket Response Plan (PReP) for Vermont Institutions
VMGA Disaster Planning Resource Book
dPlan Web-Based Planning Tool

Vermont Emergency Response Team for Cultural Institutions
VMGA has formed the Vermont Emergency Response Team for Cultural Institutions (VERTCI) to help prepare cultural institutions for disasters through planning and preparedness, and to respond to emergencies through coordinated efforts with state agencies, local governments and citizens. Team members from around the state have received training in disaster response and recovery, and are here to help all museums, historical societies, libraries, town clerks, or anyone holding important cultural or historic collections.

Contact the VMGA office (802) 475-2022 x114 if you have had an emergency which has impacted your collections and need assistance from the Team.

Team Members:
Eileen Corcoran, VMGA
MJ Davis, Paper Conservator
Bob Benz, Billings Farm & Museum
Jackie Calder, Vermont Historical Society
Christie Carter, Vermont State Archives
John Cushing, Milton Town Clerk
Polly Darnell, Shelburne Museum
John Dumville, Vermont Division for Historic Preservation
Judy Hayward, Preservation Education Institute
Martha Izzi, Rutland Historical Society
Michele Pagan, Textile Conservator
Corwin Sharp, Billings Farm & Museum
Jenn Staats, Rokeby Museum

Team members in Addison County have formed the Addison County Cultural Emergency Response Team (ACCEPT). They are available to help you in creating a disaster plan or to assess damage and plan salvage of collections after a disaster.  If you’d like to learn more, or even join the ACCEPT team, contact Eileen Corcoran at VMGA (802) 475-2022 x114; vccp@sover.net

Pocket Response Plan (PReP) for Vermont Institutions
In 2006 the Council of State Archivists (COSA) created the Pocket Response Plan (PReP). The PReP is designed to focus on information and guidance that will be needed during the first 24 to 72 hours after an event occurs. It is formatted as a two-sided, legal-sized document that can be folded to the size of a credit card, inserted in a Tyvek® envelope for protection, and carried in a wallet.
We have created a version for Vermont Institutions, which includes appropriate phone numbers and emergency management information specific to our area. The Addison County preparedness team has also created a pre-filled template for organizations.

PReP template (word document)
PReP template (pdf document)
PReP Instructions (pdf document)
Addison County PReP template (word document)

You can access the original COSA templates on their website, www.statearchivists.org

VMGA Disaster Planning Resource Book
In 2002, VMGA put together a resource book to help organizations plan for and respond to disasters. It includes sections on mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery steps you can take to ensure your institution is as ready as it can be when a disaster strikes. This resource book was created via a partnership of VMGA and the Vermont Historical Records Advisory Board under a grant from the National Historical Publications Resource Commission (NHPRC). The book was last updated in 2007.
Click here to access the book.

dPlan Web-Based Planning Tool  (www.dplan.org)
Join hundreds of institutions in using dPlan, a free online tool that will help you simplify the process of writing a disaster plan. Enter information about your institution using the comprehensive fill-in-the-blank template and once completed, dPlan generates a printed disaster plan specific to your institution. dPlan can be updated continuously to reflect the changes that occur at your institution and can be accessed from any computer—making it easy to have all of your disaster procedures, contact information, and collections information at your fingertips.

dPlan can be accessed at  www.dplan.org. dPlan was prepared and is hosted by the Northeast Document Conservation Center www.nedcc.org.


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